Vita Genomics

Last updated: 13.02.2014

Address: 7 Fl., No. 6, Sec. 1, Jung-Shing Road, Wugu Shiang, Taipei, Taiwan

Tel: (+886) 2-8976-9123


Company description

Vita Genomics, founded in March 2001, has established its headquarter in Taiwan, a marketing office in California, USA, and a wholly owned subsidiary GeneCore in Shanghai, China. Vita Genomics has envisioned itself to be an important player in the healthcare industry by offering advanced and targeted molecular diagnostic products and services, providing more efficient and safer medical solutions, improving the drug development process, and lowering the overall healthcare cost through the pharmacogenomics approaches.Vita Genomics has already built up strong relationships with research institutions and medical organizations throughout Taiwan and China. We are constantly looking for pharmaceutical partners who can benefit from identifying patients for drug responsiveness prior to treatments, partners who would fund expanded pharmacogenomics studies that will enable us to validate the responsiveness of all significant genotypes, and partners who would co-develop DNA-based molecular diagnostic products. Vita Genomics is an active participant in modernizing Taiwan healthcare system. We are establishing the infrastructure needed to add the molecular profile information to the healthcare integrated circuit (IC) card. This is a first step in creating personalized medicine in the future. In addition, Vita Genomics can act as the conduit between the western world and China because we have already established a beachhead in Shanghai.

Products and services

Vita Genomics follows the high standards of US FDA guidelines in collecting samples in conducting research and clinical studies.Vita Genomics concentrates on the elucidation of the genes and pathways involved in various diseases and on the drug responsiveness of patients in an attempt to improve the healthcare system.



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