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Address: Przedstawicielstwo w Polsce
ul. Otrebuska 15
01475 Warszawa,Poland

Tel: +48 228 637 281

Web: http://www.woerwagpharma.com/

Company description

For 40 years WÖRWAG Pharma stands for competence and expertise in the fields of biofactors and generics. We have established our reputation here as a specialist in the treatment of diabetes and its accompanying disorders.

Products and services

WÖRWAG Pharma offers customised products for diabetics with their accompanying disorders – from prevention to therapy.

Benfotiamine. An active substance discovered by Japanese researchers 60 years ago in their search for a treatment for Vitamin B1 deficiency. Dr. Fritz Wörwag, the founder of the company, soon realized the special importance of Benfothiamine within diabetes therapy and the treatment of polyneuropathies. And with this he showed a future-oriented perspective and confirmed the medicinal expertise of the company which he founded.

The biofactors sector and the field of diabetes with its accompanying disorders remain at the heart of the WÖRWAG product range. Products such as thiogamma or milgamma, two examples from the extensive portfolio document the decades of expert knowledge in this field: the medications act causatively and gently against neuropathies.

Benfotiamine effectively corrects the Vitamin B 1 deficiencies which are common particularly in diabetics. This substance – based on the most recent scientific knowledge – is even expected to provide all-round protection for these patients.

Other biofactors from the WÖRWAG house protect the heart and circulatory system (Magnerot), correct zinc deficiencies (Zinkorot) or deficiencies of folic acid, Vitamin B 12 and iron (Ferro-Folgamma). The “gamma” series of generics also ensures cost awareness in physicians and patients.

Biofactors, preparations for polyneuropathy and generics with excellent cost-benefit ratios add up to the broad product range of WÖRWAG Pharma.



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