written on 24.07.2020

Cancer in the USA: A Snapshot

In recent years the US has seen an overall decease in cancer deaths thanks to innovative medicines and treatments. However, much work remains to be done in targeting and eliminating cancers. Below we highlight data for cancer deaths and cases in the US per male and female populations. 



Data collected over the last 90 years shows a sharp increase in lung cancers in males between 1960 and 1990 and a plummet from 1990 onwards, while other rates of cancer have remained steady or have shown gradual decreases. Lung cancers in females rose between 1970 and 2010 and then saw a drop.

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A breakdown of new cases shows that prostate and breast cancers make up a significant percentage of new cases. However, lung cancers overtake prostate and breast cancers in death rates. Deaths from cancers of the digestive system such as the pancreas, colon and rectum are nearly equal for men and women.

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