Clinical Research in Malaysia: Top Facts

A map showing 18 of the active clinical trials sites in Malaysia in 2017. The sites are spread across the entire nation and cover a variety of therapeutic areas – including gastroenterology / hepatology, cardiology and oncology –  with a cluster of activity in Kuala Lumpur.


In terms of clinical trial density, Malaysia stands slightly above neighbours Thailand and the Philippines but lags far behind more established research destinations like Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore. The country therefore has huge scope for growth in this area!


Most of the clinical trials conducted in Malaysia in 2017 were Phase III – the testing of a drug on patients to assess its efficacy, effectiveness and safety and typically the most expensive, time-consuming and difficult trials to design and run, especially in therapies for chronic medical conditions.


Malaysia is highly competitive in terms of the costs of conducting clinical research at USD 350 per patient per doctor’s visit, compared to USD 640 in Thailand, USD 820 in Taiwan and USD 1,210 in Singapore.

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