This chart gives an overview of the Czech Pharma market, including stats on market value, innovative drugs, Rx products, R&D, and number of people employed in the sector. czech-republic_graph01
This chart shows the relative value of originators and generics in the Czech pharma market.czech-republic_graph02
This chart shows the relative share of central European countries in the overall regional private healthcare market. Poland has by far the largest domestic market, followed by Hungary and the Czech Republic.czech-republic_graph03
This chart shows the steady rise of generics' market share in the Czech Republic since the turn of the millennium.czech-republic_graph04
This chart shows the number of people per pharmacy in central Europe. The Czech Republic lags behind its neighbours in this regard, with 3,700 people to every pharmacy.czech-republic_graph05
This chart details pharma retail and distribution in the Czech Republic.czech-republic_graph06
This chart shows the top five pharma companies in the Czech Republic by both value and volume. Global giants Novartis and Sanofi lead the way in both categories.czech-republic_graph07
This chart shows the market share of the three leading players in the central European wholesale market. The figure is particularly high in Hungary and Slovakia.czech-republic_graph08
This chart shows the compound annual growth rate of the private healthcare market in central European countries. Romania and Bulgaria lead the way in this regard.czech-republic_graph09
This map shows the distribution of pharma manufacturing across the Czech Republic.czech-republic_graph010

In terms of clinical trials, the Czech Republic is a major regional player, as evidenced by the below chart. czech-republic_graph011
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