written on 18.03.2021

Europe: EMA Medicine Approvals 2020

The full list of medicines recommended for approval by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) in 2020 divided by therapeutic area and with drugs that contained a new active substance highlighted in bold. The EMA approved a raft of new oncology medicines in 2020, as well as new treatments in haematology/ haemostaseology. Additionally, 2020 also saw the first approvals for treatments and vaccines against COVID-19. See below to find out more.

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Click the highlighted text for similar lists from the US FDA, Japan’s PMDA, Switzerland’s Swissmedic, and China’s NMPA, click here to read an in-depth interview with the EMA’s head of Advanced Therapies, Ana Hidalgo-Simon, and see the EMA’s full Human Medicines Highlights 2020 report here.

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