written on 28.09.2016

France Facts & Figures Snapshot

Top 20 Pharma Companies in France

The following chart shows the top 20 pharma companies in France, ranked by sales for the year 2015. Global giant Novartis leads the way, followed by national champion Sanofi, and American titan Pfizer.

top 20

French Pharma Map

This map shows the overall contribution of the pharmaceutical industry to the French economy, including number of employees by region, investment stats, and information on private sector research.

France Map

Bottlenecks in French Pharma

The following chart illustrates the various bottlenecks restraining the development of France‘s pharmaceutical industry, including lack of investment, fewer new molecules than other European countries, disappointing performance in biological drugs, and long waiting times for drug approval.


E-Health in France

These charts show France‘s readiness to embrace E-health and the vast amount of secure health data storage capabilities that the country possesses.


Home Care in France

The chart below illustrates the potential for a shift in healthcare provision towards home care in France; a country with a rapidly increasing over 60 population, an expensive nursing home system, and a culture of living at home into old age.

Home care in France

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