Key Stats The following chart gives the key statistics on the Italian pharmaceutical industry; from number of manufacturing plants, to investments and export growth. ITALY_GRAPH03
Italy Pharma Map The following map shows the importance of the pharmaceutical industry to the highly regionalised Italian industry. Lombardy in the North of Italy employs 27,000 people in pharmaceuticals and is ranked number one for pharma and biotech firms. Italian Pharma Regions
International Ranking of Pharmaceutical Markets (2005-2018) This chart shows the changes in the Top 10 global pharmaceutical markets since 2005 and up to 2018. Population increases and economic growth are increasing demand in emerging economies such as China and Brazil, while advanced markets like France and Italy are feeling the pinch of cost containment measures. Italy in the International Ranking
Innovation & Growth in Italian Pharma The following chart shows the leading innovators in Italian pharmaceuticals. Gilead leads the way with 135% growth, all of which comes from the hospitals sector. ITALY_4_v02
Sources of R&D Investment in Italy The below chart shows the sources of funding for R&D investment in Italy, with only 7% of total investment originating from pharmaceutical and health-oriented biotech. R&D INvestments Italy
Number of Clinical Trials in Italy The following chart shows the number of clinical trials in Italy per year. Peaking in 2008 and slumping slightly shortly after, the numbers have returned to robust levels with 550+ trials in total in 2013 and 250+ important Phase I and II trials. ITALY_GRAPH01
Generics Trigger Decline in Italian Prescription Retail Market The following chart shows the decline of the RX retail market in Italy since 2008, along with the 17% decrease in the average price of RX products per pack in 2015 from 2008. Because of the rise of generics, new chemical entities are often restricted to non-retail channels. ITALY_B_2
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