This chart shows the scientific impact of research by country, as compiled by the Swiss State Secretariat for Education, Research & Innovation. Switzerland lies in third place globally, behind only USA and the Netherlands. switzerland_graph01  
This graph shows the Swiss innovation system ranked in comparison with the countries of the EU. Switzerland comes out on top, ahead of Sweden and Denmark.switzerland_graph02
This chart shows the Swiss pharmaceutical market value in terms of pharmacies, self-dispensing doctors, hospitals, and drugstoresswitzerland_graph03
This graph clearly illustrates the rise of generics in the Swiss market, from USD 269.2 million in 2005 to 656.5 million in 2015.switzerland_graph04
This chart illustrates the stratospheric rise of the Swiss biotech market, from a measly USD 15.5 million value in 1990, to the  957.4 million it stood as in 2015. switzerland_graph05
In tandem with the rise in popularity of more affordable generic drugs (see above), medicines in general are steadily decreasing in price in Switzerland, as shown in the below graph.switzerland_graph06
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