written on 30.01.2020

GE Healthcare to build new manufacturing facility in Switzerland


GE Healthcare Life Sciences, now Cytiva, announces plans for a new 7,360 square meter facility in Grens, in the French-speaking canton of Vaud, to meet the increasing global demand for cell and gene therapies.

GE Healthcare Life Sciences, a division of US-based multinational GE Healthcare, is investing in a new manufacturing facility in Signy Park, a business park strategically located in proximity to Geneva airport. The main focus of the new site will be the production of single use kits for the company’s Sepax and Sefia cell processing systems. However, the space will also include a Center of Excellence that will feature advanced cell and gene therapy manufacturing facilities and serve as a base for European customer trainings and educational initiatives. An R&D unit will also be based on the premises.

Emmanuel Ligner, President and CEO of GE Healthcare Life Sciences, explained that the new investment was driven by increased demand for the company’s resources and expertise : “Our Swiss operations are critical to the success of our cell and gene therapy customers, so this new facility will allow us to accelerate capacity and provide a single location where our research, engineering and service teams can thrive”. He also added that the new facility will allow GE Healthcare Life Sciences to attract Western Switzerland’s top talent.

The site is expected to be fully operational in 2022 and will be able to house up to 200 employees. It will complement the company’s global network of manufacturing facilities in the US, UK, Sweden and China.

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