written on 21.03.2014

India, Russia to cooperate on biotech research


The joint research proposal in the area of biotechnology under the programme of cooperation (PoC) is between the Department of Biotechnology (DBT), Ministry of Science and Technology (MST), India and Russian Ministry of Education and Science (RMES).
The objective is to broaden and deepen cooperation in Science & Technology in the field of biotechnology; to encourage industrial R&D and related investment flows, bilaterally and/or regionally in the field of Biotechnology and to promote transparency through exchange of information and cooperation among relevant institutions.
In the area of biotechnology, the research areas to be given priority in the present call for proposal include the bio-energy, nano-biotechnology, bio-instrumentation, affordable Diagnostics for Human Health and Agriculture and affordable Devices for Human Health and Agriculture.
As per the circular, the proposals submitted in other research areas will not be considered.
The duration of a project will be three years initially. The Principal investigators from Universities and Research Institutions of each side who fulfill national eligibility rules for research grant application are eligible to apply. Only a Joint proposal having at least one Indian and Russian investigator will be accepted.