Cell & Gene Therapy

Cell and gene therapies are fast turning into a powerful engine of value creation for drugmakers and represent a paradigm shift in the treatment of some of the world’s most devastating and intractable illnesses. In the last five to ten years, for instance, we have witnessed innovative pharma investing deeply in high-risk frontier research involving stem cells and the harnessing of a patient’s own immune system to attack the onset of a disease.

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Emanuele Ostuni – Head of Cell and Gene Therapy for Europe, Novartis Oncology

Emanuele Ostuni, Novartis Oncology’s head of cell and gene therapy for Europe, gives an overview of the introduction of the company’s CAR-T therapy to Europe, the work still to be done to get this product to more patients who need it across the continent, and the future of cell and gene therapy in Europe, with Novartis as a key player…


The Scalability and Manufacturing Barrier

Long playing second fiddle to R&D and considered to be the more mundane segment of the pharma value chain, manufacturing has abruptly been thrust into the limelight when it comes to taking cell and gene therapies mainstream. “Manufacturing in the small-molecule world was an entirely different story that could be outsourced to junior partners. Now, all of a sudden, it starts to genuinely matter how good you are at production…


The Power of Cell & Gene

Cell and gene therapies are fast emerging as one of the most prospective and keenly anticipated areas of biologic medicine. Their buzz can be attributed both to the immense promise that these technologies generate for patients afflicted with rare and often deadly inherited diseases, as well as the profound value additions for payers associated with what is being seen as a potentially ‘one-time only’ cure.


Making CAR-T Therapy Affordable

While CAR-T therapies may well constitute the frontrunners in an amazing fresh wave of cell-based biomedical innovation that opens the door to truly individualized medicine, doubts continue to linger about their overall affordability and applicability. Though uncontestably an exciting new weapon in the war against cancer, sceptics still struggle to imagine their ultimate mass-market viability.


Big Pharma’s Quest for Blockbuster CAR-T

It has been a full three years since, first Novartis, then Gilead, took the medical world by storm by gaining FDA approvals for chimeric antigen receptor (CAR)T…


Taking Cell & Gene Mainstream

With the genomics revolution now entering full swing, expectations for the future of cell and gene therapy have never been higher. “Gene therapy, somatic-cell therapy and tissue engineering are actually all technologies that have been the subject of research for decades, but look finally mature enough to be ready for prime time,”…



Cell & Gene Therapy

Produced in association with Novartis,  examines the remarkable progress of cell and gene therapies in recent years. Fast turning into a powerful engine of value creation for drug makers and representing a paradigm shift in the treatment of some of the world’s most devastating and intractable illnesses, in the last five to ten…

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Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products: The Right Time for Hope?

Pierre Meulien of the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) highlights why cell and gene therapies seem finally braced for mainstream adoption as well as the significant barriers that still need to be overcome for large patient numbers to access these innovative and often costly treatments…


The Cell & Gene Therapy Market: Coming into Its Own

David H. Crean, managing director for Objective Capital Partners, highlights the latest trends in the cell and gene therapy market for investments and deal activities…


US FDA’s Efforts to Advance the Development of Gene Therapy

Peter Marks, director of the US FDA’s Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research, outlines how the organization is attempting to further promote the advancement of cutting edge cell and gene therapies in the US and beyond…


Cell & Gene Therapies: Transforming our Vision of Healthcare Systems

Emanuele Ostuni, head of cell & gene therapy for Novartis Oncology in Europe, outlines how stakeholders across the biopharmaceutical value chain can surf the wave of innovation that breakthrough therapies such as CAR-T represent…


Precision Medicine and its Impact on the Global Therapeutic Landscape

Frost & Sullivan’s Senior Research Analyst, Aarti Chitale looks at the sizeable impact that precision medicine, especially regenerative medicine, is already having on the global therapeutic landscape, and how the Asia-Pacific region is positioning itself at the forefront of this trend…

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