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Energy Boardroom

Pharma Interviews


Interview: Marc Funk – COO, Lonza Pharma & Biotech, Switzerland

Marc Funk, COO of Swiss-headquartered product development service specialist, Lonza, discusses the company’s remarkable recent fortunes, how it is implementing innovative efficiency improvements, and answers the question, “why Switzerland?” These are very exciting times for Lonza, with the company entering …


Interview: Jacek Mazurkiewicz – General Manager, AbbVie Poland

Jacek Mazurkiewicz, general manager of AbbVie Poland, discusses the recent exciting achievements of the affiliate, including the reimbursement of its products in recent years and the set up one of its three global financial centers in Krakow. Additionally, he highlights …


Interview: Janmejay Vyas – Chairman, Dishman Group, India

Janmejay Vyas, chairman of the Dishman Group, shares the story of his success in establishing a trustworthy relationship with the strictest drug regulator in the world, the US FDA. Mr Vyas, since the very beginning your focus has been on …


Interview: Osamu Nagayama – President, Japan BioIndustry Association (JBA)

Osamu Nagayama, president of the Japan BioIndustry Association (JBA) and chairman and CEO of Chugai Pharmaceutical, discusses Japan’s footprint in biologics and how mergers between Japanese pharma companies, thereby creating larger R&D funding pools, could hold the key to future …


Interview: Maciej Kuźmierkiewicz – General Manager, IQVIA Poland and Baltics

Maciej Kuźmierkiewicz, general manager of IQVIA Poland and the Baltics, discusses the implications of global changes on the Polish affiliate (which now employs 1000 staff) and the challenges of promoting an abundance of services to the marketplace. Additionally, he highlights …


Interview: Brian O’Rourke – President and CEO, Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technologies in Health (CADTH)

Dr. Brian O’Rourke, president and CEO of CADTH, presents the organization’s main programs and the strategies it has put in place in order to ensure excellence in the future as they face reforms in the country’s healthcare system. Adaptation to …


Interview: Wojciech Koziejowski – Managing Director, Lundbeck Poland

Wojciech Koziejowski, managing director of Lundbeck Poland, discusses attaining reimbursement in Poland for the first time in ten years and the recent set-up of their global shared service center of more than 200 staff in Krakow. Moreover, he highlights the …


Interview: Michael Rudnicki – Chair, Regenerative Medicine Alliance of Canada (RMAC)

Michael Rudnicki, chair of the Regenerative Medicine Alliance of Canada (RMAC) discusses the mandate of the newly established organization, the exciting potential of regenerative medicine, and Canada’s competitive edge in this cutting-edge field. Michael, could you share the mandate and …


Interview: Sanja Ivanic – Director General, French Chamber of Commerce

Sanja Ivanic, director general of the French-Serbian Chamber of Commerce, discusses the advantages of working in Serbia, the opportunities that the country offers, Serbia’s entrance into the EU, the Chamber’s innovative work strategies, and new and exciting projects across the …


Interview: Darius Sinkevičius – Chairman of the Board, Lithuanian Association of Generic Pharmaceuticals Manufacturers (VGA)

Darius Sinkevičius, chairman of the board at the Lithuanian Association of Generic Pharmaceuticals Manufacturers (VGA), explains the main trends impacting the generic pharmaceutical industry in the country as well as the role of off-patent medicines in creating savings for the …


Interview: Fraser Hall – Country President, AstraZeneca Brazil

Fraser Hall, country president of AstraZeneca Brazil, describes the current trends and dynamics shaping the Brazilian pharmaceutical market and documents the promising partnership opportunities he envisions to significantly increase patient access in both the private and public sectors. You were …


Interview: Denis Vujičić – Managing Director, MSD Poland

Denis Vujičić, managing director of MSD Poland, discusses his overriding mission to give Polish patients greater access to breakthrough therapies and highlights the affiliate’s extensive R&D capabilities that entail both domestic and global operations. Furthermore, he highlights the important steps …




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