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Energy Boardroom

Pharma Interviews


Interview: Allan O’Dette – Chief Investment Officer, Ontario Investment Office, Canada

Allan O’Dette has been at the helm of the Ontario Investment Office since April 2017. As CIO, he underlines the importance of the life sciences sector in the province, while referencing the highly developed research centers, the future direction for …


Interview: Dorota Hryniewiecka-Firlej – President, Pfizer Poland

Dorota Hryniewiecka-Firlej, president of Pfizer Poland, discusses the current state of the Polish innovation landscape and importance of a tight-knit relationship between the innovative pharmaceutical market and the government for better patient outcomes. Furthermore, she highlights the strong R&D footprint …


Interview: Charles Grubsztajn – COO, Neopharm Labs, Canada

Speaking about the transformation from a pure service provider to true partner, Charles Grubsztajn of Neopharm Labs in Canada highlights the importance of thinking for clients rather than just with clients. He excitedly shares the aggressive growth period the company …


Interview: Valters Bolēvics – Executive Director, The Association of International Research-based Pharmaceutical Manufacturers (SIFFA), Latvia

SIFFA’s Valters Bolēvics discusses Latvia’s competitiveness in embracing medical innovations, current healthcare reforms, and the country’s enduring potential as a pharmaceutical investment destination. The Association of International Research-based Pharmaceutical Manufacturers (SIFFA) was initially founded in 1996 to act as a …


Interview: Whitney Green – President & General Manager, Roche Diagnostics, Canada

Whitney Green candidly describes what first surprised him as an American coming to Canada to head up operations as president and general manager of Roche Diagnostics Canada. He highlights the benefits the innovative portfolio of Roche Diagnostics can bring to …


Interview: Mark Smithyes – President, Labtician Théa, Canada

Mark Smithyes, president of Labtician Théa, highlights the company’s ambition to become the leader and preferred partner to optometrists and ophthalmologists in Canada by launching products from Laboratoires Théa’s innovative portfolio and building on Labtician Ophthalmics’ excellent reputation. Mark, what …


Interview: Dharmesh Shah – Founder and CMD, BDR Pharma, India

Dharmesh Shah, managing director of BDR Pharmaceuticals, a company with a strong expertise in oncology, intensive care, and other therapeutic areas, provides us with an insightful overview of the main trends shaping India’s pharmaceutical industry, while documenting BDR’s eye-catching achievements …


Interview: Angel Guevara – Professor and Molecular Biologist, Central University of Ecuador

Angel Guevara, molecular biologist and professor at the Central University of Ecuador (UCE), discusses Ecuador’s potential as a clinical trial destination, a diverse tropical country with high prevalence of infectious disease and educated healthcare professionals. He explains the differences between …


Interview: Robert Bitner – General Manager, Galderma Poland

Robert Bitner, country manager of Galderma Poland, give his first impressions of the Polish dermatology landscape and how his past experiences have prepared him for the challenges ahead. Additionally, he highlights the importance of establishing strong partnerships with Polish medical …


Interview: Hubert Bolduc – President & CEO; Christelle Fasano -Director of Business Development, Life Sciences and Health Technologies, Montréal International

Montréal International, the strategic partner for foreign investment, international organizations, and talent, has served the city and surrounding areas for 22 years. Hubert Bolduc, president and CEO, and Christelle Fasano, director of Business Development, Life Sciences and Health Technologies, provide …


Interview: Daina Klepone – Managing Director, Enterprise Lithuania

Daina Klepone, managing director at Enterprise Lithuania, explains the opportunities Lithuania can offer to healthcare businesses and how their organization can help them enter the market. Moreover, she introduces the ‘Life Sciences Baltics’ event, and its key role to promote …


Interview: Maciej Wieczorek – President, Celon Pharma, Poland

Maciej Wieczorek, president of Celon Pharma, discusses the award-winning success of the 2016 IPO on the Warsaw stock exchange and the opportunities this has opened up, as well as investment strategy to assure the company’s impressive growth. Furthermore, he surveys …




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