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Aleksandr Iavorskyi – President, Biocon, Ukraine

22.08.2017 / Pharmaboardroom

Aleksandr Iavorskyi, founder and president of Biocon, Ukraine’s leading third-party logistics (3PL) company in the pharmaceutical and healthcare areas, provides insights into Biocon’s impressive development and unique partnership approach as well as the life-changing home delivery services that the company introduced into the Ukrainian market. He also documents the main rationales that motivated him to expand Biocon’s warehousing capacity by 150 percent in 2014, at the height of Ukraine’s economic crisis – a bold decision that has already yielded encouraging results.

Founded two decades ago, Biocon now proudly stands as Ukraine’s leading 3PL operator, partnering with the most prominent international and local pharmaceutical companies operating in the country. Could you walk us through the main milestones of the company?

A chemist by trade, I worked as a researcher at Kiev National University until the disintegration of the USSR in 1991. As Ukraine started transitioning from a planned to a market economy, fostering scientific research and academia was no longer a priority of the government, which prompted me to choose a new career path. In the early 90s, most of my fellow researchers started working for international pharmaceutical companies, as the latter were looking to expand their activities into the Ukrainian market. A friend of mine was in contact with MSD, and – as he knew I was looking for new opportunities - he offered me to take care of the logistics and distribution of the company’s products in Ukraine.



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