Interview: David Kasper – CEO, ARCHIMEDlife, Austria

David Kasper, CEO of ARCHIMEDlife, an innovative Austrian company focused on novel laboratory diagnostics, discusses the innovative solution of a dried blood sample in daily routine diagnostics and novel assays as well as the intricacies of working in rare diseases. Furthermore, he provides an insight into the company’s legacy project with Sanofi Genzyme as well as the dynamics of having diagnostics operations as an Austria company providing services for over thousands of physicians in more than 60 countries. ARCHIMEDlife is a fairly young company, founded back in 2012. What need did you see in the healthcare market?
"Due to my background as a chemist and years in the hospital setting, I saw room for improvement to develop novel innovative blood tests; therefore, ARCHIMEDlife was founded to offer but also develop, validate and release novel diagnostic assays."
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