Interview: Antonio Leão – General Manager, Lilly Portugal

Antonio Leão discusses Lilly Portugal’s sustained growth record in recent years, its ambition to introduce two new innovative treatments to the market every year until 2022, and their empowering approach when tackling market access hurdles. In suggesting improvements to the predictability of the pharmaceutical framework, Leão, soon to reach 30 years working for Lilly, highlights what makes Portugal such an exciting destination for clinical trial investment, Portugal’s excellent human resources, and potential for growth. Could you provide our readers with an overview of Lilly’s operations in Portugal?
"As we approach 2022, we intend to introduce two new therapeutic entities to the market every year. Several in our new therapeutic areas. Lilly plays an important role in the development of the country and in helping patients here in Portugal, and therefore it is critical for Lilly that Portugal progresses."
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