Interview: George J. Lee, Ph.D. – Chairman; Tzu-Ming Pan, Ph.D – Vice Chairman and Chief Technology and Science Officer, SunWay Biotech, Taiwan

李家榮P2-潘子明照片 (1)George Lee and Tzu-Ming Pan introduce SunWay Biotech’s groundbreaking red yeast rice extract, ANKASCIN® 568-R, which has been recognized as a New Dietary Ingredient by the US FDA. SunWay Biotech is now bringing this unique product onto the global stage and are considering developing a pharmaceutical product based on the same compounds. Could you introduce SunWay Biotech and the company’s current product portfolio to our international readers?
"SunWay Biotech’s vision is to establish a world-class, R&D-centered organization focused on the development of ground-breaking health foods and ingredients, while becoming a role model in terms of health promotion and the prevention of metabolic diseases and other life-changing conditions widely impacting rapidly-aging societies."
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