Interview: Gianluigi Frozzi – CEO, Angelini Farmaceutica, Italy

IMG_0062Angelini CEO Gianluigi Frozzi speaks about the company’s diverse portfolio of products, the “Made in Italy” brand, and the company's continual global growth anchored strongly in innovation. Can you please give our readers an overview of Angelini’s operations, both globally and locally? First, I want to explain to our audience that Angelini is not only a pharmaceutical company. Pharmaceutical is one of our activities, which comprises 50% of our operations, but we have capabilities in other sectors as well. We currently have two joint ventures with Procter & Gamble to market personal care products, mainly diapers, and to produce diapers with machinery. Our activities in perfumery and wine are also important and growing. Altogether, our operations span about EUR 1.5 billion globally, and the pharmaceutical accounts for more than EUR 800 million last year. We have a coverage of 20 countries in Europe, as well as around the world, such as the USA and Pakistan. In terms of pharmaceutical segments, given your diverse portfolio in APIs, generics and food supplements, could you please describe the nature of your operations in these areas?
Our main strength is that we put strong scientific basis in everything we do.
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