Interview: Grace Yeh – Founder, President & CEO, PharmaEngine, Taiwan

pharmaengineGrace Yeh, Founder, President, and CEO of PharmaEngine, one of the most eye-catching success stories to recently emerge from Taiwan’s maturing biopharmaceutical sector, documents the main success factors that have allowed PharmaEngine to become the first Taiwan-based company to receive FDA approval for a locally-developed oncology treatment, as well as the promising growth options she currently envisions to ensure PharmaEngine becomes one of the most successful biotech companies in Asia. In 2003, you founded PharmaEngine, which became on October 22nd, 2015 the first Taiwan-based company to receive FDA approval for an oncology product, the pancreatic cancer drug Onivyde®. Could you provide us with an overview of the company’s main milestones that rendered this remarkable achievement possible?
"The “No Research, Development Only” (NRDO) model however seems particularly suitable to Taiwan-based biotech companies"
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