Interview: Higinio “JP” Porte – President, Philippine Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association (PPMA), Philippines

higinio-_jp_-p-porte-jr-president-at-ppma_10-11-16Higinio "JP" Porte, president of the Philippine Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association, discusses how his extensive pharmaceutical background led him to his current role as well as the main objectives of the association moving forward. He also discusses his work to create comradery within the association, fostering an environment where members are actively working to improve the industry as a whole. As an introduction to our international readers, could you please provide for us a brief overview of your dynamic career in the pharmaceutical industry?
"The challenge that we are facing as an association is that, even though the pharmaceutical industry in the Philippines is valued at 132 billion pesos, less than 50 percent that is supplied by local manufacturing companies"
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