Interview: Jai Hiremath – Founder and MD; Sameer Hiremath – CEO and Joint-MD, Hikal, India

Jai and Sameer Hiremath of Hikal provide insights into the main trends shaping the Indian and global CDMO industry. They articulate how Hikal’s long-standing focus on quality standards, regulatory compliance, and good governance has enabled the company to avoid regulatory issues and gain the trust of the world’s most respected pharmaceutical and crop protection companies, as Hikal reinvents itself and climbs up the value chain.  According to the 2016 Nice Insight CDMO Outsourcing survey, global pharmaceutical executives that still do not work with CDMO partners from emerging markets mention concerns related to regulatory compliance, intellectual property, and the difficulty of logistics. In this context, what has been your secret to draw the attention of some of the most prestigious multinational pharmaceutical companies?
"Hikal’s successful track record as a reliable and quality supplier to the crop sciences industry gave us our entry into the pharmaceutical sector, as Big Pharma companies typically require the same quality standards from their suppliers, whether it relates to their crop sciences, veterinary, or human health divisions."
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