Interview: José Angel García Hinojosa – Counsellor, Grupo Loeffler Russek, Mexico

untitledJosé Angel García Hinojosa, counsellor of the board of the Grupo Loeffler Russek, details how Loeffler’s impressive growth has forced the company to increase their manufacturing capacity. While Loeffler grew from a small Mexican business to one of the most prominent generics companies in the fast-growing Mexican market, Mr. García also reveals the international ambitions of the group and the ongoing transformation of its structure to become a more competitive and efficient organization. When we first met with you in 2015, you introduced Loeffler to our international readers. What have been some of the most important milestones the company has reached recently?
"We saw that Mexican health regulations and legislation had evolved over the last two years, so we had to adjust and recalibrate the entire scope of our operations to ensure we are perfectly aligned with our country’s new regulations."
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