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Lee Po-Chang – Director General, National Health Insurance Administration (NHIA), Taiwan

20.04.2017 / Pharmaboardroom

1Lee Po-Chang, director general of Taiwan’s National Health Insurance Administration (NHIA) details his main priorities to further strengthen the country’s widely acclaimed single-payer health system, which already stands as one of the most advanced in the region, while adapting the NHIA to evolving healthcare needs and to the growing challenges of Taiwan’s rapidly aging population.

In 2016, satisfaction ratings for the National Health Insurance (NHI) hit 83.1 percent, its second-best result since the NHI was set up in 1995. Given that Taiwan’s population is rapidly aging, what would be your strategic priorities to adapt the NHI’s delivery to Taiwan’s evolving healthcare needs and maintain high satisfaction ratings?

Our single-payer system has been consistently displaying high approval rates since its implementation, which clearly highlights the quality of the coverage we provide to the Taiwanese population. When you consider the NHI was only implemented in 1995, these satisfaction ratings also truly showcase our country’s success in rapidly building a universal healthcare system that can be considered as one of the most advanced in the world. In this regard, Taiwan’s NHI truly stands as a case study, which could inspire other countries in the world.



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