Luca Visini – Managing Director, Eli Lilly, India

Luca Visini, the recently appointed managing director of Eli Lilly & Company for India, shares with us his first perspective of the Indian ecosystem He also provides insights into some of his key objectives in India, which include consolidating the reputation of Eli Lilly as a key stakeholder in the local market. In 2018, Eli Lilly India is celebrating its 25 years of presence in India.    

You took over the reins of Eli Lilly India few months ago. What have been your first impressions of the Indian ecosystem so far?

" To sustain medical progress, the biopharmaceutical industry, that takes financial risks and invests a tremendous amount of time, resources, and capital to bring life-saving treatments to patients, does need ecosystems with policies that support innovation, a pillar in tackling tomorrow’s medical challenges."
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