Interview: Marco Berna – Business Development Director, Gnosis, Italy

UntitledGnosis is a fully vertically integrated biotech company specialized in the manufacturing and sales of fermentation raw materials and natural finished products used in the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, cosmetic, veterinary, and agricultural industries. The business development director shares the company’s future plans to strengthen its international footprint. Given your experience, what do you feel the “made in Italy” brand means to your clients? One of the most recent trends we have seen is companies coming back from Asia to manufacture in Europe and the US, especially for certain complex products where special capabilities are required. We rely on a long tradition in Europe, and also in Italy, of merging tradition with innovation. When you introduce yourself as a European, and more specifically as an Italian manufacturer, you usually find people interested, especially once they get to know you are a direct manufacturer. If we look specifically at the nutraceutical segment, where Gnosis is a clear leader, what role do you feel the Italian industry is playing in the advancement of the global nutraceutical field? What role does the company play? Italy has a long tradition of food and the Mediterranean diet is one of the healthiest in the world. We mainly focus on two areas: Bioactives, which are directly derived from food, and One-Carbon Metabolism, which is how nutrients are used in your body. One of Gnosis’s products was discovered by an Italian scientist, Dr. Cantoni, in 1952, so we mix tradition, science, and research for what we call Advanced Nutrition. We also have a further area of research: Probiotics. The mechanism of probiotics is very well known, but we focus only on few of them, for which we can get an API. That’s something our customers are looking for, especially in the nutraceutical segment.
We mix tradition, science, and research for what we call Advanced Nutrition
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