Interview: Maxim Sokolov – Cardiological Specialist for the Ministry of Health, Ukraine

Dr. Maxim Sokolov, chief external specialist of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine in cardiology, principal scientist of the Department of Interventional Cardiology of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, and professor of the Department of Cardiology of Shupyk National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, provides insights into the evolution of Ukrainian cardiological care through the years of change in the Ukrainian health system and discusses in depth the life changing impact of the European initiative ‘Stent: Save a Life', which he has been implementing in Ukraine. Firstly, could you please introduce yourself to the international readers and summarize the current situation of cardiovascular medicine in Ukraine?
"In the past, the problem was that many of the fresh, new bright ideas proposed by experienced doctors were rejected. That changed when the current Minister of Health, Dr. Suprun, began heading the Ministry."
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