Interview: Michel Robidoux – President and General Manager, Sandoz Canada

Michel Robidoux, president and general manager of Sandoz Canada, charts the extremely successful journey for this Novartis division. He explains the strategy Sandoz Canada has undertaken to expand its portfolio in the four business segments of generics, biosimilars, consumer (OTC) and specialty products. He talks about the quality of the products, the supply chain reliability and the employee culture that have contributed to the success of Sandoz Canada, and their vision to position Sandoz as the top generics company in Canada by 2022. Michel, having been president and general manager of Sandoz Canada for seven years now, could you highlight some of the achievements of Sandoz Canada?
"Unlike some of our competitors, we operate on a global formulations strategy, meaning that we can leverage our global manufacturing capacity to meet the needs of the Canadian market."
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