Paweł Migdalski, CEO at Siemens Healthineers Poland, discusses the innovations they are bringing to the market and how they are building on the success of the Siemens Healthineers Academy. Furthermore, he reveals the company’s digital care offering, the expansion of the traditional portfolio into servicing and the importance of the Polish market.

Could you explain the scope Siemens Healthineers’ operations in Poland?

Nine years ago, when I first joined Siemens, we operated under the name of Siemens Healthcare Sector. I am proud to say that now we are Siemens Healthineers, which is effectively positioning us in the right frame – we are pioneers in the medical field as well as a biomedical devices manufacturer; I am glad to be a ‘Healthineer’ in Poland. Siemens Healthineers also serves the laboratory diagnostics market and the diagnostics imaging market while aligning with the global Siemens Healthineers vision.

The company in Poland is very stable, and we have seen steady, consistent growth over recent years. We have a firm position as leaders in the market, in particular within the fields of in-vivo and in-vitro services. We are unique in that we are the only company that combines those two activities under our Healthineers umbrella.

For Siemens Healthineers, the services sector includes digitalization and digital services, which in Poland translates into archiving solutions and remote access to different bases in a given network. We have also taken on enterprise services. This is what we label as a partnership of different scales and proportions to our customers; our goal is to not only be a partner in terms of providing equipment but to be at hand and to provide the best services to our customers over the long-term.

What campaigns do you run to build the Siemens Healthineers name?


We currently run several initiatives, a few of which are of vital importance. Of note is the new collaboration and cooperation with medical universities in the field of science and solution creation for patients. We are working closely with several universities.

A further robust brand recognition tool which we are also proud of is the Siemens Healthineers Academy. We established the Academy structure almost two years ago, and now we have a full program for medical doctors, technicians, laboratory personnel, in which we offer exciting panels that provide discussions on a master level. The program covers a broad spectrum of diagnostics topics and provides intriguing lectures and workshops to the Poland medical society.

How vital is Siemens Healthineers Poland to the European region?


Poland is, geographically speaking, a vast country with a considerable population, and fantastic growth opportunities. Off the back of these facts, our Polish operations are one of the biggest in the CEE zone.

How much of the Siemens Healthineers portfolio is available in Poland?

We present the whole Siemens portfolio here in Poland. Nevertheless, we are still in the developmental phase of the new portion of our portfolio, the services. We have observed a number of potential partners in that area, other partners interested in enterprising solutions and several other in archiving solutions. The Polish market is in the development phase for these highly advanced solutions. This is what we find so exciting about these new products, as they will bring Polish healthcare standards in line with European-wide technologies.

How prepared is Poland for the age of digital healthcare?

On the one side, we see several positive initiatives from the government and ministers, which help preparations on the advent of digital healthcare. On the other hand, we as a provider of digital solutions, have a role to familiarize and educate our partners, hospitals, and customers with our solutions. We have good examples on the market already that we use as a reference point.

The direct impact of the digital healthcare revolution will improve efficiency, streamline workflows and improve accessibility for patients, partners and customers.

What tasks have you set in achieving this goal?

For Siemens Healthineers Poland, the primary task we take on at the moment is to exhibit and understand existing solutions which are efficient on different markets and to try to implement those solutions here in Poland.

In archiving solutions, we promote several types of remedies to the issues at hand. For example, if our potential partner cannot buy the server, and the partner will be the owner of the hardware, we can deliver maintenance on the product. We have different solutions or ideas on how to provide that. We will be the owner of the service, and the customer will buy space on the service to collect data. We will give to our potential partner or customer, access and remote access to all data, and we need special levels of accessibility to this data because the data is a very hot topic.

What do you see as the potential for the Polish market for Siemens Healthineers?

If we consider one of the more prominent trends, all of our products are in some way prepared to deal with the aging population we see across Europe. We are efficient, and we are innovative enough to be part of the new market segment.

In the next three or four years, we would like to retain the number one spot—and deservedly so given the quality of our products! I would like to continue to be a partner for the medical society and in the education field, in which Siemens Healthineers Academy is a key component for distributing the portfolio of the workshops that we have, while also inviting more lecturers also from outside Poland to share experience with the Polish colleagues on the value of their work.

What has kept you motivated and inspired for working at Siemens Healthineers for the past nine years?

Put simply, I enjoy working at Siemens Healthineers and I am proud to be working at a number one company in Poland. Over the past decade of operations, I have seen exciting and deep change across the company. I have been part of different zones within Siemens Healthineers, and I have been responsible for several matters which keeps daily operations varied.

The people that work here are fantastic, we face varied and dynamic challenges on a daily basis, and the atmosphere in the workplace makes Siemens Healthineers Poland a great place to work. We have an ambitious team which is necessary, given that there is always work to be done in providing new solutions to the Polish healthcare market.