Interview: Peter Tsai – Founder, CEO & Chairman, Orient EuroPharma (OEP) & Orient Pharma (OP), Taiwan

UntitledPeter Tsai, founder, CEO, and chairman of Orient EuroPharma (OEP), one of the leading groups of healthcare companies in Taiwan, provides insights into his strategic vision to double the group’s revenues within the next five years and nurture the long-term growth of the company he founded in 1982, while OEP’s activities now encompass drug development, small-molecule manufacturing, as well as OEP’s historical leadership in the distribution of specialty products across Southeast Asia. At the moment, many leading historical groups of pharmaceutical companies in Taiwan seem to be shifting their strategic focus to enter the new drug development area and/or increase their international footprint, what is the vision driving the development of Orient EuroPharma?
"My vision for Orient EuroPharma is to keep this two-fold focus at the core of our development strategy: on one hand, further attracting new, innovative and/or difficult-to-make products, and - in the meantime - concentrating our resources allocation and expansion plans in Southeast Asia, where we are already regarded as a partner of choice by leading companies globally."
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