Interview: Prapol Thanachotipan – Director of Sales and Marketing, T. Man Pharma Co. Ltd. – Thailand

Prapol ThanachotipanToday’s Thai pharmaceutical market requires companies to adapt new leadership styles and carry new medicines in order to adjust to the needs of patients and clients. T. Man Pharma’s motto: “committed, innovative and developing quality pharmaceutical products to meet international standards” is what the director of sales and marketing, and future leader of the organization, Prapol Thanachotipan, strives to achieve on a daily basis. Mr. Thanachotipan shares the organization’s progression over the years, research and development (R&D) the company is conducting and how the homegrown global-reaching organization provides the best quality products at affordable prices

As a Thai company with a rich history, where does the company stand today?

T. Man Pharma was established in 1972 by our chairman, Mr. Teerawat Thanachotipan, who believes in the organization’s mission to innovate, develop and improve production technology at every step of the process. His vision was to create an organization that competes with global standards and provides excellent products to both local and international clients. Today, T. Man Pharma has achieved success as a manufacturer, importer and distributor of quality pharmaceutical products and medical devices, which has led our organization to be internationally recognized as a partner of choice for companies in over 13 countries, as well as hospitals, medical schools, clinics, pharmacies, infirmaries and leading organizations!

What opportunity does T. Man Pharma Co. Ltd. see in the local Thai market and what products is the organization currently focusing on?

We believe that Thailand offers many opportunities for local companies, international organizations and patients that benefit from the Thai healthcare system. Our founder’s forward-thinking ideas and vision for a more developed healthcare and life sciences market where Thais can have access to quality local drugs was part of his motivation behind starting the organization. These ideals continue to play a vital role in the way the company is run today.

T. Man has various focus areas and has factories that produce a variety of high quality healthcare products that are sold by our robust sales team domestically. Currently, we are a leading manufacturer and distributor of broadly diversified product lines, such as pharmaceutical products, modern medicines, traditional medicines, food supplements, cosmetic products, cosmetics and medical devices. Moreover, all our locally manufactured healthcare products are produced at our state-of-art Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP/PICs) facility, which are comparable to the European GMP standard. We are proud of our factories accreditations because GMP/PICs are well known in the pharmaceutical industry as the highest standard in GMP inspection.

What sets T. Man Pharma Co. Ltd. apart from its competitors?

T. Man Pharma is especially unique because of the broad range of high quality healthcare products we carry. Moreover, since my father founded the organization we are a family run business at our core and continue to instill the values and principles we share onto our employees. The organization always aims to meet the needs of our customers and I believe our ability to create new and innovative drugs comes from my family’s deep understanding of the local market. Our family plays an active role in the creation and sale of new products and my mother has created some of our most innovative products. For example, my mother created a safe and natural cough syrup line in response to the Thai FDA banning several cough syrups after consumers misused them. The Iya Brand Ma-Waeng cough syrups are successful examples of how the organization is able to meet the demands of consumers in new and innovative ways.

At T. Man Pharma we understand the needs of our patients and adapt our product lines accordingly. We aim to create and distribute high quality healthcare products through various channels that our patients can easily access. In addition, we are always looking to provide our clients with products at affordable rates. There are other local organizations focused on affordable products, but not of high quality—T. Man Pharma provides both!

How does the organization continuously strive for excellence in a competitive pharmaceutical landscape, such as Thailand?

Our organization continuously improves our product line by raising the bar for higher quality, which helps us compete both domestically and internationally. In addition, T. Man Pharma invests in R&D to improve and create new products for our pharmaceutical and healthcare lines. Our company recognizes the importance of continued investment in R&D of new drug formulas, including development of new technologies in the medical field, clinical trials and bioequivalence studies conducted by medical professionals to ensure Thai patients receive the same quality products they could purchase from large multinational organizations.

Our nearly 500 employees are motivated by our founder’s commitment to provide better healthcare products for consumers. Furthermore, we continuously develop and innovate new products and aim to provide quality and fair value for our customers. Moreover, T. Man Pharma is a homegrown organization with international ties, which allows us to possess a deep understanding of the local market and continuously innovate domestically.

Where would you like to see the organization in five years time?

As future leader of the organization, I believe T. Man Pharma will continue to achieve new levels of excellence because of our ability to innovate and adapt to local and international market needs. Our deep understanding of the local market allows us to innovate and will help me ensure T. Man reaches its full potential and becomes a leading organization in the regional pharmaceutical industry. Moreover, in the future we will expand our business and increase our production capacity with an emphasis on developing our herbal product line.

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