Interview: Sabine Mӧritz-Kaisergruber – CEO; Helmut Kaisergruber – CEO, Astro Pharma, Austria

Dr. Sabine Mӧritz-Kaisergruber and Helmut Kaisergruber, CEOs of Astro Pharma, a young vibrant Austrian pharmaceutical company, discuss their tailored strategy to establish themselves within the Austrian market as well as the importance of having a highly educated expert workforce. Furthermore, they highlight the reforms required to facilitate the nation’s biosimilar revolution and the long-term strategy they envision for Astro Pharma, focused around reliable partnerships and a team atmosphere. What was your vision for Astro Pharma when you founded the company in 2004?
"Even with our combined 20 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical industry working in large multinational companies, we would have never have imagined back then that Astro Pharma would flourish and grow to become the exciting company it is today."
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