Interview: Satish Kumar Singh – Managing Director; Shashi Shekhar Kumar – Vice President International Business, M/s Cachet Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd., India

Satish Kumar Singh (managing director) & Shashi Shekhar Kumar (vice president International Business) from M/s Cachet Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd., discuss their success with special reference to marketing, distribution and operating strategies for non-regulated markets. M/s Cachet Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. is a subsidiary of M/s Alkem Laboratories Ltd. Mr. Singh, before asking you to introduce Cachet to our audience, can you give us an overview of the background of your father, Shri Samprada Singh, founder and chairman of Alkem Laboratories Ltd., Cachet’s parent company?
"I believe that one of the major advantage of operating in emerging markets is business viability. Whenever the economy is growing there is a lot of potential for businesses."
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