Interview: Vinay Sapte – Managing Director, Maneesh Pharmaceuticals, India

Vinay Sapte, founder and managing director of Maneesh Pharmaceuticals, provides insights into this company’s unique development path. Maneesh was one of the first Indian companies to establish joint ventures in the US and Europe more than ten years ago and today stands as one of the largest India based partners of the WHO for anti-TB products. Sapte also documents Maneesh’s specialty pharma model and its eagerness to forge new partnerships, at the moment the company is ready to bolster a new era of growth on both the domestic and international stages.  Over the course of the past three decades, Maneesh has truly established itself as a frontrunner among India’s industry, especially with regards to its international strategy. Could you introduce the company to our readers?
"Our in-house R&D pipeline is particularly eye-catching and it should provide us with a satisfactory number of high-potential branded products in various dosage forms - in all areas of focus for our company."
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