Which are the main transformations Dos Ni Roha has undergone in recent years? Dos Ni Roha has successfully taken advantage of its wide expertise in the Indonesian market ? based on more than 45 years of history ?

and became a leading distribution company in pharmaceuticals, consumer products and medical equipments, with operation & distribution networking covering almost 100% of the country.We invested heavily on people development installing a new way of life of working with 5 P’s ‘Passion, Proactive, Positive Mindset, Persistence and Prayer.’ With this new spirit we have worked diligently to increase our sales and distribution coverage, streamline our standard operating procedures and continuously improve our distribution services. Furthermore, we recently installed SAP and implemented cutting-edge reporting systems that enabled Dos Ni Roha to accommodate its clients’ needs and supply the reports about their products’ performance in time and in a very exclusive and detailed way.

How did Dos Ni Roha overcome the immense geographic challenging of reaching such a fragmented market in a country with a fairly poor infrastructure?

We have the most extensive distribution network with 48 branches across Indonesia covering over 200,000 outlets directly. Each branch has its own sales force, warehouse, delivery fleet and finance operations. We have over 3,000 dedicated employees adhering to our core value of ‘Service from the Heart’. Our aim is to reach every small village in the country!Our SAP system allows us to have visibility and up-to-date information on sales and stocks thus allowing us to ensure stock availability and tracking of market requirements. Furthermore, we have invested on a Mega Logistics Distribution Center (25,000 pallet capacity) that will service our branches nationwide.

How Dos Ni Roha assures its clients of its compliance with the highest quality standards available in the market?

We have developed ‘Good Distribution Standards’ based on the World Health Organization Standards and Food & Drug Administration of Indonesia. We then have a Compliance Division team that conducts operations audit across our branches.Our principals also conduct regular audits, sending envoys from America, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines to inspect our processes and facilities. In fact, we are known to have the most stringent and quality conscious distributor for delivery of vaccines with capabilities of tracking every minute the temperature during delivery and providing thermo-graphs. With these developments, we now intend to obtain ISO certification of our systems and processes.

How is Dos Ni Roha positioning itself in the current process of consolidation in the Indonesian pharmaceutical distribution industry?

Our vision is to provide world class solutions for distribution and supply chain of healthcare and consumer products in the Region. We distinguish ourselves by superior knowledge of the local market, most extensive distribution, flexible and responsive distribution services, cutting edge information technology and superior delivery services.In addition, we organize private seminars on economic and political outlook for our principals by inviting keynote speakers such as Marie Pangestu, Minister of Trade RI, Dino Pati Jalal, Presidential Spokesperson. We adopt fast to market changes. Those who can’t adapt to the upcoming changes in the market will have to divert their activities or be acquired by the most competitive players.

Is Dos Ni Roha looking forward to further expand its service portfolio in the near future?

The company sees further opportunities in business involving our nearly constructed warehouse, expanding our third party logistic services to our Principals; reducing working capital through the consolidation of stocks in a single warehouse. Another strategy is to be more aggressive in distribution of medical devices and other products directly to hospitals, since this is a booming market in a country trying so hard to overcome its lack of hospitals. We also expanding our distribution capabilities by opening new branches and depots in satellite cities.

What makes Dos Ni Roha the partner of choice for companies willing to establish and expand their presence of the Indonesian market?

Dos Ni Roha differentiates itself from other distributors primarily because of its understanding of the local market, extensive distribution network, superior information technology and transparency and emphasis on communication. We provide our principals any information that might help them better tackle the final customers’ needs. Principals are able to track their sales on a day to day basis and to compare their performance with different periods, providing them the most comprehensive understanding on their products’ performance all over Indonesia.Moreover, we are an independent distributor. Unlike our competitors who sometimes have conflicting ‘own brands’, we are fully committed with our principals brands. DNR does not have its own brands and is a pure distribution company. Dos Ni Roha’s reputation as a trustworthy company has rendered us longstanding partnerships with partners watchful of their IP protection.

In this regards, Dos Ni Roha has a decisive edge over our competitors because we can open the doors of the Indonesian market and provide a comprehensives understanding of the final costumers needs without risking the most valuable asset of those companies ? their product technology.What is your strategy to overcome the lack of skilled workforce in Indonesia, attracting and retaining the best talent in the company?

This is a key issue for our company. It is true that Indonesia suffers from a bottleneck of educated people. Therefore, as a first step, Dos Ni Roha is very careful on its selection procedures, choosing only the most qualified and motivated personnel. However, due to the shortage of skilled workforce, once we select our employees, we provide them with extensive training together in partnership with our principals. Furthermore, the working environment and the reputation of the company play a decisive rule in attracting the scarce talent in the country. Our employees know that they work in a solid company and they fell as a part of it. This is clearly Dos Ni Roha main asset.

What are your expectations for the next five to ten years?

Dos Ni Roha is working to position itself as the number one distributor of healthcare products in Indonesia, and the company is advancing fast towards this position. Thanks to the company fast adaptability to the newest technology solutions available in the market and to its truly understanding of the Indonesian market needs, Dos Ni Roha is increasing in the rank and improving in efficiency.

What is your final message to Pharmaceutical Executive readers?

Indonesia is a country with an enormous potential waiting for those companies with innovative and challenging willing to position themselves in one of the most promising markets worldwide. Dos Ni Roha is the best and most efficient way to conquer every corner of the Indonesian market. Come join us and experience our ‘Service from the Heart.’