written on 04.07.2018

Asia’s premier biotech-themed convention–BioTaiwan 2018–coming July 18th-22nd in Taipei



Uncover opportunities at one of Asia’s most-underexplored biotech locations!

26 June, 2018

Now in its 16th Year, BioTaiwan has become one of the largest annual biotech gatherings in Asia. BioTaiwan 2018 will feature the newly expanded three-day BioBusiness Asia Conference, with a focus on precision medicine, innovative investment and advanced technologies. Other events include the Greater China Opportunities Conference, Southeast Asia Opportunities Conference, a full Company Presentation program, One-on-one Partnering, Seminars, Workshops, and the four-day BioTaiwan Exhibition.

Biotechnology has been designated by Taiwan’s government as one of five industries positioned to drive the country’s future economy, with growth goals for the industry including fostering 20 new drugs and 80 high-value medical devices in global markets, creating 10 flagship brands in health services by 2025, and generating revenues in excess of NT$1 trillion (US$33 billion). Experience this drive at BioTaiwan, while networking with top company executives, catching up with the latest developments, technologies, products and services, and finding mutually beneficial partners and business opportunities. With 1,000 delegates from more than 20 countries attending BioTaiwan 2017 conferences and with the exhibition hosting 1300 booths from 600+ exhibitors, we expect BioTaiwan 2018 to be even bigger, even better!

About Taiwan Bio Industry Organization:

Taiwan Bio Industry Organization (TBIO), established in 1989, is the largest and the most influential biotechnology organization in Taiwan. TBIO represents over 300 members ranging from private companies and academic institutes to government bodies involved in the research and development of innovative healthcare, agricultural, industrial and environmental biotechnology. Our mission is to provide advocacy, business development, global partnering opportunity and communication service for our members, and to foster the development of biotech industry in Taiwan.

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