Biotech and pharma perspectives on emerging trends and market dynamics at the FierceBiotech 4th Drug Development Forum, 28th October 2019, Boston


As many blockbuster products face the loss of exclusivity, life science organizations face staunch competition from generic and biosimilar products to maintain their stronghold in certain markets. There is a lot riding on the success of new drug development, and companies are increasingly turning to external sources of innovation to supplement organic pipeline growth and replace key products within their portfolios.


Biotechs continue to push the boundaries of R&D innovation, exploring specialized areas of research, often entering undefined, first-in-class territory. However, changing regulatory requirements, payer expectations, and investor demands make drug development and commercialization an increasingly risky endeavor, leaving little to no margin for error. It takes strong leadership, a well-articulated and communicated shared vision, and innovative partnerships to navigate the competitive landscape and ensure the successful development of a commercially viable product in today’s healthcare environment.


FierceBiotech’s 4th Drug Development Forum features executive leadership perspectives from biotech and big pharma companies on emerging trends and market dynamics that will help effectively prioritize R&D spend and unlock the potential of a licensing, joint venture or M&A deal.


This conference provides a unique networking opportunity, featuring insights from C-suite and executive leadership at biotech, mid-sized and large pharma companies addressing the strategic and operational challenges in the following areas:

  • Deal-Making and Business Strategy – This track will highlight how to map out the right financing strategy for your company and share best practices for mitigating risks and unlocking the potential of partnerships, licensing deals, and M&A transactions
  • Product Development Strategy – This track will cover the end-to-end drug development process, focusing on early R&D, clinical development, and the complexities of product commercialization up through launch


At the Drug Development Forum, participants can:

  • Interact with biotech, mid-sized and large pharma company leaders and trade ideas for tackling the biggest industry challenges, from preclinical research through pivotal trials and beyond
  • Optimize early phase clinical activity to ensure successful trial execution and regulatory approval
  • Discuss innovative deal structures and investment models that can de-risk collaborations and partnerships and help assist the development of drugs
  • Hear how companies build business cases to support new product development and prioritize capital allocation for the R&D budget
  • Consider the pros and cons associated with different sources of financing and determine how that can impact a company’s long-term goals
  • Understand the risks and rewards of commercializing a product on your own vs. finding a strategic partner
  • Discuss critical questions small companies should ask when evaluating potential partners
  • Develop a go-to-market/launch strategy that successfully differentiates your product and provides the best possible outcomes for patients


Key speakers include:

Elliott M. Levy, Senior Vice President of Global Development, Amgen

Lotus Mallbris, Vice President, Immunology Development, Eli Lilly and Company

Robert Bagdorf, Group Lead, Search and Evaluation, Worldwide Business Development, Pfizer

Kleem Chaudhary, Head BD&L, BioGen


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