written on 13.09.2016

CPR: Vygon launches b-card device that combines continuous chest compressions & dynamic oxygenation



6 Sep 2016

Groundbreaking device designed by anesthesiology specialist Dr. Boussignac revolutionizes the management of cardiac arrest by emergency first responders

This universal resuscitation device for first aiders or physicians can be used with a face mask, supraglottic airway device or endotracheal tube

Ecouen, France, September 6, 2016 – Vygon, the single-use medical devices group, announces today the commercial launch of the b-card® (Boussignac Cardiac Arrest Resuscitation Device), a non-invasive ventilation system providing continuous oxygen delivery during CPR (CardioPulmonary Resuscitation). The device ensures dynamic alveolar ventilation without the need to pause chest compressions.


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