written on 10.03.2020

EUCOPE asks the European Commission to put research at the heart of its Pharmaceutical Strategy 


The European Commission’s Pharmaceutical Strategy for Europe must:

  • Provide ambitious measures to foster research in rare diseases and other disease areas for which we currently have no cure. 
  • Harness the potential of small and medium pharmaceutical and medical technology companies.
  • Ensure that there is a supportive legal and regulatory framework to nurture their growth. 


Brussels, 09/03/20

On 11 March the European Commission will publish the roadmap outlining the key elements of its Pharmaceutical Strategy for Europe. EUCOPE – the European Confederation of Pharmaceutical Entrepreneurs – is asking the European Commission to leverage this opportunity to harness the potential of small and medium sized pharmaceutical and medical technology companies in tackling unmet needs. 


A coherent strategy that harnesses Europe’s untapped potential: small and medium pharma

The mission letter from President von der Leyen to Commissioner Kyriakides calls for measures supporting the European pharmaceutical industry in remaining an innovator and world leader. EUCOPE is calling for the European Commission to launch a Pharmaceutical Strategy that delivers on these objectives. 

Alexander Natz, EUCOPE’s Secretary General, elaborated on EUCOPE’s priorities:

“Our developing health crisis due to COVID-19 reminds us of the critical importance to develop new medicines. We need to enable our member companies to bring new and much-needed medicines to patients much faster. For instance, February’s Rare Disease Day served as a reminder of the need for further research, with 95% of rare diseases still not having any treatment options. The acid test for the EU pharmaceutical strategy will be whether or not it will enable research in Europe to find new treatments and cures.”

Does the European Union want to promote science and research of new medicines? Or will it put up more hurdles for pharmaceutical researchers? This is the question the European Commission needs to answer in the next six months. EUCOPE stands ready to work with the Commission to identify solutions to the biggest challenges for pharmaceutical research

Please find more information on our policy asks on EUCOPE blog.


EUCOPE – the European Confederation of Pharmaceutical Entrepreneurs

EUCOPE is Europe’s trade body for small to medium-sized innovative companies working in the field of pharmaceuticals and medical technologies. 

Based in Brussels, EUCOPE gives voice to more than 900 research-orientated innovative companies and associations active in research, development of pharmaceuticals, biotechnologies and medical devices. Many of its members are developing therapeutic solutions for persons living with a rare disease, who had little to no treatment available just a few years ago. 


For further information please contact: 

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