written on 09.02.2021

Norway Pharma Report 2021


A bastion of equality with high levels of healthcare spending, excellent research and universities, a global commitment to improving health outcomes, and a deeply entrenched digital footprint, Norway is full of potential as a life sciences investment destination.

This potential, however, has largely remained untapped until now, as the country has focused on its more established oil & gas and fishing industries. Without true governmental support, the Norwegian life sciences industry has been somewhat neglected, with clinical trials numbers declining in recent years and multinational companies feeling hesitant about the market access situation for their most innovative treatments.

Nevertheless, a wave of cautious optimism now permeates the sector, with policy reform promising solutions to pervasive access issues and greater incentives for the conduct of clinical trials, capitalising on the country’s strong footing in areas like immunotherapy and neuroscience. Innovative start-ups – especially in medtech – are also emerging as examples of translational Norwegian creativity.

This exclusive new report, featuring insights from key stakeholders across the healthcare value chain, highlights Norway’s spectacular advantages as well as the long road the Nordic nation still has to travel to truly become internationally competitive. Featured topics include Norway’s digital excellence, its role in global health initiatives, healthcare system reform, access and reimbursement challenges, and much more.

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