written on 20.08.2021

Singapore Pharma Report 2021


With outstanding fundamentals, including top-class universities and hospitals, a government cognizant of the benefits that a robust research-based biopharma industry brings, and straightforward business processes, Singapore has long been a hub for life science companies looking to penetrate the vast Asia-Pacific region.

This exclusive new report deep dives into Singapore’s key attractions for international investors, from how its excellence in regulatory science has created a testbed for next-generation therapies and products, to the nation’s status as an advanced biomanufacturing hub for the region, to its increasing focus on translational research, building up an enabling ecosystem for biotechs seeking to take scientific discoveries from lab to patients.

Of course, 2020 was an extremely challenging year for Singaporean healthcare and life sciences. As the world pivoted to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, the country’s status as a medical tourism hub took a major hit and many non-essential surgeries and procedures were postponed. However, Singapore looks set to emerge from the pandemic with renewed vigour, not least through a greater uptake of digital tools across the board, and with a reinforced footprint in cold-chain logistics as part of the wider push to distribute COVID-19 vaccines across Asia.

Through conversations with key stakeholders across government, academia, multinational giants, and emerging start-ups, this report showcases the incredible opportunities present in Singapore, its vital role within the wider region, and the strategies in place to capitalise on the country’s evolution over the next five years.

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