written on 16.11.2020

USA Pharma Report 2020


The inaugural edition of the US Healthcare and Life Sciences Review has collated comments and insights from stakeholders across regulators, health insurers, pharma and biotech companies, as well as patient and industry associations, to provide an incisive snapshot of the US healthcare industry during one of its most defining periods, look at how far the sector has come and ultimately, how much further still it has to go, in order to achieve its fundamental mission: delivering innovative, quality and life-changing therapies in an accessible and sustainable manner.


This exclusive new report is an extensive compilation of insights into the key topics of innovation, access and affordability in the US and features the comments of Janet Woodcock, FDA CDER; Peter Marks, FDA CBER; Ramona Sequeira, Takeda; Bill Sibold, Sanofi Genzyme; Gary Zieziula, Kyowa Kyrin; Matt Eyles, AHIP; and Peter L Saltonstall, NORD among many others.

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