written on 21.11.2016

PharmaBoardroom and APACMed Announce Partnership


The UK-based healthcare & life sciences publisher and Asia Pacific’s medical devices and in-vitro diagnostics trade association enter into exclusive collaboration for the publication of PharmaBoardroom’s latest report on Singapore: Singapore Healthcare and Life Sciences Review 2017

16 NOVEMBER 2016: PharmaBoardroom and APACMed today announced that they have agreed to an exclusive partnership for the publication of the Singapore Healthcare & Life Sciences Review 2017. Both organisations are confident in the success of this partnership, which will allow the Asia Pacific medical technology industries to tell their story to investors, thought leaders and key decision makers around the world.

This partnership comes at a challenging but promising time for healthcare in Asia Pacific, as demand for quality healthcare in the region soars and outstrips supply – driven by an ageing population, a rapidly growing middle class and the rise of chronic, non-communicable diseases.

Medical devices, equipment and in-vitro diagnostics play a crucial role in addressing these challenges, with the need for all stakeholders to collaborate to bring new innovative approaches to prevention, diagnosis and treatment to all patient groups.

The Singapore Healthcare & Life Sciences Review 2017 will investigate these trends and dynamics, and put Asia Pacific in the spotlight for an international audience of opinion leaders and executives in the healthcare and medical technology sectors.

Fredrik Nyberg, CEO of APACMed, said:

“APACMed welcomes this partnership with PharmaBoardroom for the publication of the Singapore Healthcare & Life Sciences Review 2017. Through this partnership, I hope this edition will bring together the voices of the industry and deliver comprehensive insight into the Asia Pacific healthcare & medical technology sector. This is a unique opportunity for our industry to speak as one to the international community, and highlight the challenges and opportunities in this region of the world in life sciences today.”

PharmaBoardroom’s Jun Wakabayashi and Lisa Diericks, Project Directors, and Mariuca Georgescu, Publisher, of the Singapore Healthcare & Life Sciences Review 2017, said:

“We are delighted to partner with APACMed, a strong supporter of our project. 2017 will be a pivotal year for Singapore and Asia Pacific, and we are delighted that PharmaBoardroom and APACMed will work hand in hand to ensure an accurate and insightful review of the capabilities, challenges and opportunities of the medical devices, equipment and in-vitro diagnostics industry in Asia Pacific today for our dedicated audience of executives. We are bringing together the voices of Key Opinion leaders, raising discussions on unmet needs in APAC, discussing the realities facing the MedTech industry in the region, and unraveling how industry-wide collaborations can shape the future of healthcare in Asia Pacific!



Media Enquiries:

Publisher: Mariuca Georgescu


Singapore Directors: Jun Wakabayashi / Lisa Diericks

junw@focusreports.net / lisad@focusreports.net

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Notes to editors:

About APACMed

Founded in 2014, APACMed was established to provide a unifying voice for the medical devices, equipment and in-vitro diagnostics industry in Asia Pacific. APACMed is headquartered in Singapore, and is the first and only regional medical technology association solely focused on matters of interest in Asia and the Pacific.

Its members represent the vast diversity of our industry – from pacemakers to contact lenses, to rapid test kits and high volume disposable devices, to large imaging equipment such as CT’s and MRI’s.

APACMed engages with governments, regulators, payers, healthcare providers and others to shape policies that give patients timely access to quality healthcare in both developed and developing markets.

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