written on 11.05.2018

PharmaBoardroom Releases ‘Healthcare and Life Sciences Review Ecuador’ 2018 Pharma Report


PharmaBoardroom today releases its new 43-page pharma report, Healthcare & Life Sciences Review Ecuador 2018.

With a fresh, business-minded administration in place, the fundamentals are there for Ecuador’s life sciences industry to shine in the near future. Despite the country’s heavy investment in showpiece public health infrastructure projects over the past decade – which have helped raise the level of healthcare available to Ecuadorians – the country’s reputation for instability and insularity has tended to scare off potential investors.

However, with increased economic growth, a burgeoning middle class, and a greater openness towards cooperation and collaboration between the public and private sectors, the conditions are in place for Ecuadorian life sciences to finally fulfil its potential. Medicine sales per capita are extremely high for the Latin American region and the dollarization of Ecuador’s economy is helping soothe investor nerves around currency depreciation.

The picture is not completely rosy for the industry; labyrinthine market access regulations still make it difficult for companies to get their drugs reimbursed and Ecuador lags far behind neighboring Colombia and Peru in terms of numbers of medicines available to its population. Despite this, enterprising companies – domestic, regional and international – are beginning to capitalize on the wealth of opportunities available in Ecuador.



The report features in-depth interviews with:

  • Juan Carlos Galarza, ARCSA
  • Carlos Duran Salinas, Ministry of Health
  • Antonio Carlos Matos da Silva, Roche
  • Santiago Salguero, ALAFAR
  • Ana Dolores Roman, Pfizer
  • Hector Enriquez, LIFE
  • Stefano Carlo, Kronos Laboratories
  • Pablo Ledesme del Pozo, PharmaBrand



“In comparison to its Andean counterparts, Ecuador boasts noticeably superior levels of funding for public infrastructure with a whopping USD 1.43 billion earmarked for 2018 alone”

Santigao Caviedes, Humboldt Management

“It’s fair to describe our life sciences market as something of a hidden jewel still waiting to be properly uncovered”

Pablo Ledesma del Pozo, PharmaBrand

“In line with prolonged life expectancies, urbanization and more sedentary lifestyles, we can safely predict that there’s going to something of a future bounce and uptick in the high-margin oncology, cardiovascular and diabetes categories”

Carlos Haro Rodriguez, Roddome

“Until recently, choices by government deterred potential entrants in the market that could have actually helped us improve the health conditions of our citizens. The Ministry is thus committed to addressing this and is steadfast in desire to co-opt the expertise of private industry with a view to achieving mutual objectives”

Carlos Duran Salinas, Ministry of Health


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