written on 19.03.2018

PharmaBoardroom Releases ‘Healthcare and Life Sciences Review Lithuania 2018’


PharmaBoardroom today releases its new 47-page Healthcare & Life Sciences Review Lithuania 2018.

Despite a tiny domestic market size, the Lithuanian life sciences sector is full of hidden surprises. Comprising four percent of the nation’s entire GDP, with one percent accounted for by a burgeoning biotechnology sector, Lithuania can draw on a strong science R&D infrastructure and a talented domestic labor pool.

In terms of healthcare, Lithuania’s high levels of coverage are undermined by a high level of co-payments; an issue that the authorities are keenly aware of and are attempting to address through regulatory upgrades for reimbursement and health technology assessment.

The multinational affiliate leaders, heads of significant local players, key opinion leaders, government officials, and regulators featured in this report unpack these topics, along with a range of others including the country’s outstanding potential in clinical trials, the possibilities of acting as a biotech hub for the Baltics, and how companies are drawing on Lithuania’s heritage as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of lasers.

Through these exclusive insights, a picture emerges of a nation that although small, not without issues and dwarfed by the neighboring Polish market, is fast emerging as a promising investment destination for healthcare and the life sciences in its region.


The report features in-depth interviews with:

  • Kristina Garuoliene, vice minister of health
  • Marijus Valatka, Novo Nordisk
  • Gintautas Barcys, State Medicines Control Agency (SMCA)
  • Jurate Sabaliene, National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF)
  • Eugenija Sutkiene, TGS Baltic
  • Audrius Tutlys, Teva
  • Sarunas Narbutas, Lithuanian Cancer Patients’ Coalition (POLA)


“In the Baltic states, one single strategy will not fit the entire region”

Marijus Valatka, Novo Nordisk

“We are always focusing on bringing the best practices from other systems to Lithuania through international cooperation”

Jurate Sabaliene, NHIF

“Lithuania represents a tremendously welcoming business ecosystem with convenient logistics”

Daria Klepone, Enterprise Lithuania

“As Lithuania’s population continues to decrease and age, fostering innovation in the public healthcare system becomes a necessity, not a luxury”

Ruta Pumputiene, Local American Working Group

“In the future, everyone will talk about Lithuania as a country with a bio-economy, just as Switzerland is the country of the best quality watches and banks”

Prof. Vladas Bumelis

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