written on 22.02.2018

PharmaBoardroom Releases ‘Healthcare and Life Sciences Review Serbia February 2018′


PharmaBoardroom today releases its new 42-page Healthcare & Life Sciences Review Serbia 2018.

Situated on the edge of Europe and with a reputation scarred by the conflicts of the 1990s, Serbia is not often considered a promising investment destination within Europe, far less for its healthcare and life science industries. Sluggish economic growth and a regulatory system unconducive to the introduction of innovative pharmaceutical products has meant that the country has been out of the international limelight for a number of years.

However, change is in the air and new perspectives are developing both of and for Serbia and its people. Economic and political stability; the gradual alignment of procedures and standards as Serbia continues its path towards EU membership; a talented and well-educated human resource base; changing attitudes at government level towards healthcare; and the realization that Serbia can act as a well-connected hub to serve over 20 million people across the Balkans are all contributing to a new and more positive image of the country.

This report features the insights of international innovators who have navigated their way through difficult times and are now seeing the green shoots of optimism; the major learnings from domestic companies that have looked beyond Serbia’s borders to find funding, best practices and export opportunities from abroad; as well as the advice of the local ‘fixers’ and service providers without whom the Serbian market could not operate.

Through the comments of these key personalities, a picture emerges of a nation not without its issues but with a potentially bright future and a pharmaceutical industry that holds numerous opportunities for bold international investors.


The report features in-depth interviews with:

  • Bojan Trkulja, INOVIA
  • Predrag Bogavac, Novartis
  • Ronald Seeliger, Hemofarm
  • Goram M. Orlic, INNventa
  • Predrag Lukic, Amicus
  • Nebojsa Skuljec, MSD
  • Yan Mikhailova, Nestlé



“It is the time for the government to realize the crucial need for innovation, especially in our industry”

Bojan Trkulja, INOVIA

“It is the process of joining the European Union that counts and not so much the date that Serbia joins”

Sanja Ivanic, CCFS

“The Serbian government took a very important step last year when they unblocked reimbursement for oncology products as one of the four priority therapeutic areas”

Predrag Bogavac, Novartis

“Serbia is an excellent investment destination with a very highly skilled and well-educated workforce, a competitive tax burden, a relatively stable macroeconomic outlook and we are in the process of entering the EU, which brings general predictability as to how our policies will develop.”

Vera Nikolic, AmCham


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