written on 19.01.2017

PharmaBoardroom Releases New Luxembourg Pharma Report


PharmaBoardroom today releases its new 59 page Healthcare & Life Sciences Review Luxembourg 2017.

This report offers companies, investors, policymakers, and stakeholders crucial insight into Luxembourg; a country that is rapidly breaking away from its reputation as simply a tiny European tax haven and establishing itself as a serious regional and global player. Luxembourg has prioritized personalized healthcare; e-health and data security; and pharma logistics and air freight as the three pillars of its healthcare strategy and is reaping the rewards.

The report features in-depth exclusive interviews with leading figures from public institutions and private companies, comprehensive articles, and up-to-date facts and figures on the Luxembourgish healthcare and pharma sectors.


Featured topics include:

  • Luxembourg’s healthcare system
  • Luxembourg’s social security system
  • Healthcare logistics
  • Personalized healthcare
  • Biobanking
  • R&D Investment
  • Attracting Foreign Talent
  • Big Data
  • Innovation
  • Clinical Trials


The report features in-depth interviews with:

  • Lydia Mutsch, Minister of Health
  • Romain Schneider, Minister of Social Security
  • Catherine Larue, Luxembourg Institute of Health
  • Marc Vandelaer, Integrated Biobank of Luxembourg
  • Rudi Balling, Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine
  • Jean-Paul Schuler & Thomas Dentzer, Luxinnovation
  • Reginald Decraene, Pfizer
  • Marc Schiltz, Luxembourg National Research Fund
  • Luc Brucher, Deloitte


“Do not be afraid of paradigm shifts; we cannot deliver a successful healthcare system in the future without them.”

Lydia Mutsch, Minister of Health

“Today, Luxembourg boasts some 7.6 researchers for every 1,000 workers in comparison with an EU average of just six”

Catherine Larue, LIH

“The Grand Duchy is undoubtedly an excellent location for testing out or trialing activities in a controlled manner.”

Andreas Kremer, ITTM

“We’ve been incredibly smart when it comes to identifying areas of competitive advantage, diversification and fostering a knowledge economy and it’s very much this that has kept our small country visible and still on the map.”

Jean-Paul Schuler, Luxinnovation

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