written on 09.02.2017

PharmaBoardroom Releases New Philippines Pharma Report


PharmaBoardroom today releases its new 52 page Healthcare & Life Sciences Review Philippines 2017.

This report offers companies, investors, policymakers, and stakeholders crucial insight into the Philippines; one of the most promising pharmaceutical markets in the Asia-Pacific region with a population of over 100 million, an annual GDP growth rate of around 6.5%, and a new administration committed to expanding healthcare access to all sections of the population. The report tackles the issues surrounding the current government’s unpredictability and highlights the country’s successes in areas such as drug accessibility, manufacturing capabilities, and even digital solutions.

The report features in-depth exclusive interviews with leading figures from public institutions and private companies, comprehensive articles, and up-to-date facts and figures on the Philippine healthcare and pharma sectors.


Featured topics include:

  • Expanding healthcare coverage
  • Drug Accessibility
  • Digitalization
  • Manufacturing
  • PPPs


The report features in-depth interviews with:

  • Paulyn Ubial, Secretary of Health
  • Ramon Aristoza, PhilHealth
  • Cheryl Maley, Novartis
  • Kuntal Baveja, Sandoz
  • Jose Augusto Pascual, PascualLab
  • Beaver Tamesis, MSD
  • de Ruyter “Toto” C. Oroceo, Delex Pharma
  • Javish Abichandani, AGlobal Care
  • Nestor Lumanas, Sannovex


“In the last survey that was released, we saw that 30 percent of Filipinos die without ever seeing a doctor. I want to decrease that number to zero.”

Paulyn Ubial, Secretary of Health

“There remain opportunities to broaden access via structural investments for the population to reach healthcare professionals”

Theresa Martinez, Roche

“The generics industry would not be able to thrive without innovation, and this is something that the average citizen sometimes does not understand.”

Reiner Gloor, Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Association of the Philippines (PHAP)

“We Filipinos are capable and competent in terms of manufacturing, research, and distribution.”

J. de Ruyter “Toto” C. Oroceo, Delex Pharma

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