written on 08.12.2015

PharmaBoardroom Releases New Romania Pharmaceuticals Report


Focus Reports today releases its new Romania Healthcare and Life Sciences Review.

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Romania’s economy is growing and its pharmaceuticals market is growing accordingly. PharmaBoardroom’s Healthcare and Life Sciences Review offers companies, investors, policymakers, and stakeholders with an interest in healthcare, pharmaceuticals, or life sciences authoritative insights into its healthcare, pharma market and pharmaceuticals sector.

It features interviews with senior executives from the major companies in Romania and leaders of the country’s most important institutions, updated facts and figures on Romania’s healthcare and pharma sectors, and feature stories.

Astute market analysts are increasingly aware of the opportunities Romania offers:

  • Pharma Market Growth Opportunity – Many Western European pharmaceuticals markets have reached maturity and plateaued, but there is a lot of growth potential left in Romania. In 2014 its pharma market grew by 7%, and average income is growing fast – per capita income is going up 6% a year. Unlike many of the richer countries in Europe – Romania’s pharmaceuticals market is on course to carry on growing fast.
  • Contract Manufacturing Opportunity – The rest of the world is beginning to wake up to Romania’s structural advantages: highly skilled labour, wages 60% to 70% lower than those in Germany, and because it is so close to Western Europe it is ideal for outsourcing manufacturing for the rest of the European market. Our report And in the EU market – with 27 different states and varying customization demands – Romania is a particularly good location for last minute batch customization.
  • The Public Healthcare System – Although the Romanian public healthcare system faces big challenges, it is innovating and rationalizing. The report features an interview with the Minister of Health and the President of the National Health Insurance House about the direction of the system, and new innovations which offer valuable indications about future opportunities.

 The Romania Healthcare and Life Sciences Review 2015 includes features and articles on:

  • Industry Trends including the rise of private healthcare in Romania and the policy response, the rise of fertility treatment, the boom in consultancies and legal firms offering advice on the regulatory environment, the move to a new reimbursement system, the introduction of originators to the local market, the persistence of branded drugs over generics in Romania, the prevalence of Indian companies in the Romanian market, and consolidation in the Romanian pharmacies sector.
  • Institutions and Reforms including reforms and innovations within Romania’s healthcare system plus an interview with the Minister of Health, Romania’s emergency services plus an interview with Emergency Services pioneer Raed Arafat, the potential for reform of the clawback tax, and an overview of the medical device and diagnostics market.
  • Macroeconomic and legal trends such as Romanian consumption and its trajectory, the ‘Coalitia’ of the American Chamber of Commerce, the Foreign Investor Council (FIC) and local entrepreneurs to improve policymaking.


The report also includes interviews with:

  • Nicolae Bănicioiu, former Romanian Minister of Health
  • Raed Arafat, Secretary of State in the Ministry of Internal Affairs
  • Vasile Ciurchea, National Health Insurance House (CNAS)
  • Dr Marius Savu, National Agency for Medicines and Medical Devices
  • Călin Gălăşeanu, Country Manager of Bristol-Myers Squibb
  • Vijay Palamadai, Country Manager with Dr Reddy
  • Adrian Grecu, General Manager of Mylan
  • Gheorge Muşat, Managing Partner of Muşat & Asociaţii


“Romania is clearly an exciting prospect where the ‘boom period’ is still waiting to happen.” – Bogdan Savu, country manager of Gerot Lannach

“There’s a huge amount of slack in the market still to be exploited. The cake is big enough for everyone.” – George Tanaseanu, GM of PSI

[Romania is] a … free market with open doors and substantial growth prospects.” – Alexandra Petrila, Link Resource