written on 12.06.2017

PharmaBoardroom releases new Switzerland Pharma Report


PharmaBoardroom today releases its new 68-page Healthcare & Life Sciences Review Switzerland 2017.

This report offers companies, investors, policymakers, and stakeholders crucial insight into the specificities of Swiss pharmaceuticals, biotech, and healthcare, based on in-depth interviews conducted with leaders and pioneers across the value chain, from government representatives, global affiliate heads, and founders of innovative local SMEs.

In spite of high operating costs and a sometimes-byzantine regulatory environment, major MNCs are flocking to establish regional headquarters in a country frequently ranked the most innovative in the world. Complementary thriving ecosystems of biotech startups, contract research and manufacturing organizations, as well as a whole host of niche service providers has also sprung up across Switzerland, many of which are featured in the report.

Featured topics include:

The resonance of the ‘Made in Switzerland’ brand abroad

Swiss companies’ cutting-edge digital prowess

Biotech IPOs and international investment

Regional clustering: Italian Switzerland

Contract research and manufacturing: Switzerland’s leading pharma service industries

The report features in-depth interviews with:

Thomas Bohn, Greater Geneva Bern area (GGBa)

Daniel Schmutz, Helsana

Shigeo Taniuchi, Santen

Mads Stoustrup, Novo Nordisk

Gilles Pluntz, Ferring

Urs Lehmann, Similasan

Riccardo Braglia, Helsinn


 “We have leading universities, world-class research institutions, a highly-qualified workforce and unrivalled skills in the precision industry derived from a tradition of watchmaking”

Thomas Bohn, Greater Geneva Bern area (GGBa)

“[Switzerland is] one of the [world’s] most innovative pharmaceutical hotspots and this is exactly why it is so fundamentally important to be here”

Stefan Berg, NNE

“There are some 400 biotech companies currently operating in Switzerland at various stages of development, and within only the last couple of years, the country has witnessed a definite proliferation of startups.”

Nik Alexakis, Swiss Biotech Association

“The key constellation Switzerland has to offer is the ability to access and manage the diversity and complexity of different markets”

Shigeo Taniuchi, Santen

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