Boryung Pharm.

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Boryung Pharm.

South Korea

CIOne of the leading pharmaceutical companies in Korea, has created its own history: Boryung Pharm., as a parent company of Boryung Pharmaceutical Group, has been founded in 1963 after opening Boryung Pharmacy in 1957, and solidified its leadership position as a herb medicine manufacturer. From the year 1967 with Yongkaksan, Kushim, Gelfos and Kiungwhan, the legend recognized by all people have been created. Lately by developing and exporting new drugs such as Doxorubicin HCl and Fimasartan which are developed by our own technology, Boryung Pharm. is playing a major role as a principal axis power in the globalization of Boryung Pharmaceutical Group. Boryung Pharm., one of the 10 best pharmaceutical companies in Korea, is contributing to human health by manufacturing and launching on the market with 300 ethical products and 60 OTC products based on the initiative of Boryung R&D Institute.


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